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Charlie’s Place is an open campus. You are here voluntarily. The rules are you don’t leave without permission.
Charlie’s Place is not responsible for lost or stolen items

All prescription medications must be approved by the medical director and be clearly marked with your name, prescribing doctor’s name, prescribed dosage, and date.

You do your own laundry on site.

What you should bring to treatmentWhat NOT to bring to treatment

Residential Detox

personal hygiene products like shampoo; toothpaste; shaving material; etcradio
5+ day supply of socksCD/mp3 player
5+ day supply of underwearcash
slippers (if desired)all of the below
approved current prescription medications
phone card/ quarters

Intensive Residential and Supportive Residential

all of the aboveillicit drugs
5 day supply of clothingalcohol
CD/mp3 player (if desired)medication containing alcohol
no more than $20food
cell phone
  • Provide information for your file
  • Substance use/ dependence screening
  • Nurses do a urine screen, medical assessment, and admission
  • Rules orientation
  • Inspection of personal items
  • Issued scrubs to wear
  • Assigned dorm room
  • Complete financial paperwork with admissions coordinator
  • Room assignment
  • Rules and rights orientation with a direct care staff member
  • Inspection of personal items
  • Urinalysis
No. Full payment is expected upon admission, but can be made one program at a time.
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Cash
  • Personal Check
Residential Detox: no visitation                      Intense Residential: Saturday and Sunday 1-3pm
Smoking is allowed in designated smoking areas.
Admission hours are

  • Monday through Friday 8 am – 8 pm
  • Saturday 9 am – 5pm
  • Call 361-826-5350 to arrange for admission.