Amy Rhoads-Granberry CEO
Amy Rhoads-Granberry

Amy Granberry has viewed Human Resources from all angles – as a hiring manager in a retail clothing store, a professional recruiter, and as Human Resources Director for a prominent not-for-profit. Granberry’s HR career has included all aspects of hiring, benefits and staff management. In addition, Granberry has spent much of her career in Austin serving as a Legislative Liaison for her company and for the community. Granberry worked with Association of Substance Abuse Programs to obtain successful passage of HB 3135 and HB 3136 benefiting all substance abuse providers in Texas. Granberry earned her PHR in 2000, is a graduate of Leadership Corpus Christi class 40, and serves on several state and local boards. She lives in Portland with her husband and son and is an avid runner.

Walter Roberts, LCDC Quality Management CI Coordinator
Walter Roberts, LCDC
Clinical Director

“I have worked for Charlie’s Place for a total of fourteen years. I have a passion for the clientele we serve because I was at a point in my life where my addiction was in control. I received love and understanding and learned that I had a disease. Charlie’s gave me discipline and hope that I so badly needed. I believe that there is nothing as therapeutic as one alcoholic helping another and believe it helped me in counseling for many years. I wanted to do more good by training counselor interns, increasing their skills and thereby helping more clients at the same time and insuring the quality of work and services Charlie’s Place provides continues to be the best.”